An important beginning step in preparing a community’s Master Plan is to review, synthesize, and consider plans commissioned by the City in years past.  On this page, you’ll find descriptions of—and links to—past Birmingham plans.



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The first of Birmingham’s plans, prepared while Birmingham was yet to incorporate as a City, The General Plan sought to develop and improve land use standards, guidelines, and the zoning code.


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Birmingham Design Plan 

This plan focuses on key design interventions for municipally-owned land and facilities, including the public rights-of-way.


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The Birmingham Plan is a Master Plan, largely focused on neighborhoods with programmed land use for the entire City.


Urban Design Plan

This plan focuses on transitions between Birmingham’s neighborhoods and the Central Business District and contains analysis of, and recommendations for, the transportation network.


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Downtown Birmingham 2016 Plan

Addresses streetscapes, circulation, architectural guidelines, retail, and strategic sites within the downtown.


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Eton road corridor plan

Focuses on commercial, industrial, and residential uses for the enhancement of the Eton mixed-use corridor.


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Signage and Wayfinding Study

Contains a unified identity and signage system for the entire City, including neighborhoods, parks, downtown uses, etc.


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Triangle District Plan

Addresses strategies to develop a physically attractive, vibrant, and compact mixed-use neighborhood and destination district east of Woodward Avenue and south of Maple Road.


Alleys and Passages Inventory

Provides a thorough inventory of existing alley and passageway characteristics.


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Activating Urban Space: A Strategy for Alleys and Passageways

Sets forth a framework for classifying and improving alleys and passageways.


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Multimodal Transportation Study

Recommends street and intersection improvements, specific area plans, and strategies.


Woodward avenue complete streets

Envisions Woodward Avenue streetscape, pedestrian zones, parking, branding, cycle tracks, mixed-use development, and rapid transit.


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AD HOC Rail District Report

Plans for right-of-way, gateway signage, pedestrian comfort, shared parking, and bicycle facilities improvements in the rail district.


Downtown Parking Plan

Focuses and recommends on commuter access to downtown parking, visitor access, on-street capacity, data collection, optimization, and future growth.


Parks and Recreation master Plan

Builds on prior plans and focuses on operations, maintenance, enhancements, and serves as a roadmap for future facilities and programs.